Tents, Canopies & Custom Structures

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EPW offers many different types and sizes of tents for your next event. From frame style to pavilion, pop up, star and big top tents. EPW has the largest selection of the highest quality tents available on the west coast. Our impeccable quality tents come clean and ready to shine on your big day! With additional options such as vinyl walls, flooring, heating and cooling as well as multiple flooring options you know you can count on us for a one stop event rental shop!

Make your event extraordinary under a tent. Whatever the occasion, a tent will make your event one your guest will enjoy and remember. A party tent combines food, drink, music and atmosphere to create a festive feeling unequaled in any other setting.

Create excitement at your company or business event. Increase interest and productivity-hold it under a tent. A tent can be erected in parking lots, empty fields, warehouses or convention centers. Equip it with podiums, platforms, stages, audio-visual equipment-anything needed for your successful business event. Your company can use a tent of canopy for product displays, business openings, sales meetings, special sales, stockholder meetings, company picnics, open house and other corporate events.

Party Canopy:

A lightweight covering designed to shelter against sun or light rain; usually supplied an inexpensive do-it-yourself tent rental. Includes one or more center poles.

Pop-Up Canopy:

A small, lightweight, collapsible frame canopy with a fabric covering. Provides shelter and protection from light rain and is usually provided as a do-it-yourself rental tent which may be erected and removed quickly

Frame Tent

A professionally installed party tent consisting of a canvas or vinyl stretched over a frame and containing NO center poles.

Pole Tent:

A heavy duty party tent made of canvas or vinyl suspended by poles around the perimeter and in the center. Pole tents must be installed by professionals and will shelter against most bad weather.


A long, narrow tent structure used mainly for sheltering walkways or defining and entry to a tent.

Truss Structures:

Tent Accessories

  • Air Conditioning
  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Banners
  • Carpeting
  • Chairs
  • Dance Floors
  • Decoration
  • Fans
  • Flooring
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Linens
  • Party Supplies
  • Sidewalls
  • Staging
  • Tables
  •  Table Settings

Benefits Of Your Tent Event

Versatility: You select the size of the tent based on your event and location

Comfort: You create a spacious, relaxed atmosphere for dining, dancing and entertaining unequaled in a conventional setting

Style: You design and coordinate the tent and accessories to compliment your event and theme. Formal or casual, you control the environment of your event.

Impact: Your event sparkles and the impact is remembered long after your tent event.

Seating Allowances

Theater Seating: (Chairs In Rows) 6 sq.ft Per Person

Class Room Seating: (Tables & Chairs In Rows) 6 sq.ft./person

Banquet Seating: (Oblong/Rectangular 8 sq.ft./person) – (Round Tables Seating 10 – 10 sq.ft./person) – (Round Tables Of 6, 8 or 12 – 12 sq.ft./person)

Cocktail Parties & Receptions: (All Standing – 6 sq.ft./person) – (Some Seated – 8 sq.ft./person)

Additional Allowances

Dance Area: 2-4 sq.ft./person

Bar Area: 100 sq.ft.

Buffet Area: (Per Table) 100 sq.ft.

Piano: Spinet 50 sq.ft. – Grand 100 sq.ft.

Band: 100 sq.ft.