Keno is a very simple game to play. Each keno ticket is numbered from 1 to 80. These numbers correspond to the numbered balls in the keno bowl from which 20 numbers are randomly selected each game. To play keno, you simply mark 1 to 20 numbers on a blank keno ticket. Then, designate the amount you wish to wager, and the number of games you wish to play, in the space indicated on the ticket. Present this ticket with your wager to a keno writer or runner and you will receive a computer generated ticket in return. These are the numbers, as registered in the computer, upon which all winners are paid. When each game begins, the selected numbers will be displayed on keno boards located in the keno lounge and restaurants. Compare the numbers on your ticket with the numbers displayed on the keno boards. If you are a winner, present your ticket immediately to a keno writer or runner. In addition to regular tickets, most casinos offer many keno specials including: ALL CATCH TICKETS POWER PLAY 20 TICKETS QUICK PICK TICKETS ALL OR NOTHING SPECIALS In addition, Keno-to-Go enables keno enthusiasts to play up to 1,000 games! If you play 1 to 20 games, you must collect immediately after the game(s) are run. You have a full year to collect your winnings if you play 21 games or more on Keno-to-Go tickets. Just mark your tickets, pay for the games, and call your casino for the results.