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EPW is comprised of 12 departments which all work seamlessly to produce world-class events. Each Department has a lead which insures that component comes together along with the others.

  1. Rental Department – 866-626-6920 ext: 101 – rentals@eventprowest.com
  2. Sales Department – 
  3. Production Department – 
  4. Audio Visual Department – 
  5. Lighting Department – From concerts to weddings, lighting is key!
  6. Gaming Department – With over 750+ games in house it’s no wonder we have an entire department dedicated to games!
  7. Design & Decor Department – From centerpieces to draping, themed props to floral arrangements this creative bunch has the pulse on what’s hot and trendy in the event market.
  8. Catering Department – 
  9. I & D Department – Install And Delivery.
  10. Shipping Department –
  11. Personnel & HR Department – Handles all labor resources and booking talent. From bartenders to valet attendants and more.
  12. Administration & Financial


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